Week In Review: Earl, Unemployment, Governor's Race

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Gov. Deval Patrick has gotten pretty high marks for leading the Bay State through emergencies like Hurricane Earl and the water main break earlier this year. But he's only on the job for another few months, unless he wins re-election in November.

And that's not sure bet, given the tough economy and anti-incumbent sentiment around the country. New poll numbers out today seem to be good news Patrick — though, depending on how you crunch the numbers, there could also be some good news for Republican challenger Charlie Baker. That's one topic we discuss in this week's news roundtable.

Also, the state attorney general's office finished its review of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center CEO Paul Levy's so-called inappropriate relationship with a female employee. Levy had been fined $50,000 for that "lapse of judgment," as the hospital's board called it. And the AG's office criticized the board for not addressing the situation sooner, since some board members had known about the relationship for years. Now at least one union is saying Levy wasn't punished heavily enough.

Our week-in-review panel takes on the news.


  • Peter Canellos, editorial page editor at the Boston Globe
  • Monica Brady-Myerov, WBUR reporter


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