Rent-A-Text Comes To The College Bookstore

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Law textbooks. (ex_libris_gul/Flickr)
Law textbooks. (ex_libris_gul/Flickr)

Not so long ago, the start of the semester meant an obligatory trek to the college bookstore, where students had to fork over hundreds of dollars to buy textbooks. But as college costs soar, students are increasingly looking online to score cheaper books, or even digital texts.

In order to stay in business, college bookstores around the country are adapting. For the first time, students at Boston University will be able rent textbooks at the campus Barnes & Noble, through a partnership with the book chain. The company is also planning to offer a digital text program.

We sent Radio Boston intern Jason Breslow to the B.U. Barnes & Noble to learn more about the program and to get students' reaction to the bookstore's effort to keep hang on to business.

This program aired on September 23, 2010.


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