Debate: The Treasurer Candidates

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Treasurer candidates Steve Grossman and Karyn Polito. (Courtesy)
Treasurer candidates Steve Grossman and Karyn Polito. (Courtesy)

Chances are you've heard of Tim Cahill, the independent candidate running for governor. You probably also know he's currently the state treasurer. But what does the state treasurer actually do? That may be a question mark.

Karyn Polito and Steve Grossman know the state treasurer's role. In fact, they even think they can do it.  They're the two candidates running for the seat Cahill is vacating in his gubernatorial bid.

Both candidates are campaigning for the keys to the state's safe. They join us to explain why they should have them, and to debate all matters of fiscal prudence.


  • Steve Grossman, Democratic candidate for treasurer, former Democratic National Committee chair
  • Karyn Polito, Republican candidate for treasurer, state representative


This program aired on October 19, 2010.


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