G And T: Gin And Tonic? Or Government Tax? The Debate On Question 1

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(Kevin H./Flickr)
(Kevin H./Flickr)

In the market for a coffin? Here's one bright side: you won't be paying sales tax. Or maybe you're looking for a cement mixer for your truck? You're clear there, too. And what about rare and valuable coins? No need to worry, numismatists; you're not going to pay any extra pretty pennies on your pretty pennies.

The list of items exempt from the state sales tax is long and odd. But as of last year, it no longer includes one item: booze. So of that 10 dollar bottle of Cabernet, sixty-three cents now goes to Beacon Hill.

But on November 2, voters will decide if they want to change that. Question 1 on the ballot asks whether the state sales tax on alcohol should be repealed.

According to the polls, Massachusetts residents are split. And so are the four candidates for governor. We debate Question 1 on the November ballot.


  • Vic DiGravio, co-chair of the Committee Against Repeal of the Alcohol Tax, president of the Association for Behavioral Healthcare
  • Steve Rubin, owner of Huntington Wine and Spirits in Boston

This program aired on October 20, 2010.


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