In Debt? Crowdsource Your Student Loan Payments

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Kelli Space, 23, graduated from Northeastern University last year with a bachelor's in sociology — and $200,000 in debt. Now living with her parents in New Jersey, Space has monthly student loan payments that will skyrocket to about $1,700 in a few months.


Where can a regretful grad turn for help? The Internet, of course. Kelli set up a web site where she solicits donations to be put toward her crushing debt. Since her story was featured on Gawker earlier this week, the donation tally has been slowly but steadily rising.

We hear Kelli's story, and for those who don't want to crowdsource their debt, Deanne Loonin from the National Consumer Law Center in Boston offers some other options for getting those monthly payments under control.


This segment aired on November 26, 2010.


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