Let's Talk About Sex: Students Question Sex Education

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BHS Sex Education

Walk into a public high school in Boston and you might find a day care center. It's there for students who are single parents and need child care while they're in school. But what about finding a robust sexual education curriculum in those same schools? Good luck.

Because, until recently, the Boston Public Schools hadn't had a health department for about ten years. And that meant sex ed has been hit-or-miss. Some schools have a little of it, some have none at all.

Now, a group of Boston students — with help from the nonprofit Hyde Square Task Force in Jamaica Plain — say they want a comprehensive sex ed program in all the city's high schools. And their push to overhaul sex ed has gotten the attention of Boston City Council.


  • Samantha Brea, senior at Snowden International School
  • Ayyana Pressley, Boston City Councilor
  • Melanie Singer, community health educator, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center
  • Barbara Huscher, program director, Health and Wellness department, Boston Public Schools

This segment aired on December 8, 2010.


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