All Quiet On The Commuter Rail

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A T train leaving Park St. station (Chris Devers/Flickr)
A T train leaving Park St. station (Chris Devers/Flickr)

The daily commute offers few creature comforts for the modern-day straphanger. With its cold, hard seats and crowded train cars, public transportation is, for many people, just a way to get from A to B with as little suffering as possible.

But starting next month, riders on some commuter rail lines will find something new to enjoy on their ride: the sounds of silence.

In January, the MBTA will launch a trial run of so-called quiet cars on its Fitchburg and Franklin commuter rail lines. Quiet cars, which forbid cell phones and other noise makers — already exist in other commuter cities, and they've become a popular staple on Amtrak Acela trains.

The MBTA's General Manager, Richard Davey, joins us to talk about the new quiet cars, catching fare evaders , and any of your questions.



  • Richard Davey, MBTA general manager


This segment aired on December 9, 2010.


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