Getting Boston Ready For Its Close-Up

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Most movies about Boston present the city as one of two stereotypes: There's the townie, bank robber, Irish neighborhood version of Boston, and then there's the smarty-pants, elitist, Harvard persona.

But now a handful of young local film makers is trying to shake up the way that Boston movies are done. First of all, they want to make their movies here, in Boston — not in New York or L.A. — and they want to make movies that present the city in a much more contemporary and much less simplistic way.

Consider, for example, their film "A Show About Us" which will be playing Thursday night at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge. It's about three 20-somethings from very different backgrounds — one is a state school kid from the outer suburbs, one a Newton native who went to private schools, and one a West Coast transplant — living together in Davis Square and trying to figure out life in Boston.


  • Matt Paley, filmmaker/producer
  • Ken Breese, actor/comedian

This segment aired on December 16, 2010.


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