Offering Help When An Elderly Parent Is On The Decline

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If you have an aging parent, maybe you wait nervously for that phone call. The one that tells you your elderly mother has fallen and broken her hip. Or that your declining father — who probably shouldn't be driving any more — has been in a car accident. Or that one of your parents has had a stroke.

Or maybe you'd been through this already and had no idea what to do. Maybe you're going through it now and you're still not sure what to do.

A new local organization wants to change that. It trains people who've been through these tough situations to help other people going through them for the first time. It's called the Chronic Care Community Corps, and you might think of it as domestic Peace Corps for people who care for the elderly.


  • Ned Rimer, founder, Chronic Care Community Corps
  • Wendy Valentine, Chronic Care Community Corps trainee
  • Tina Bloom, Chronic Care Community Corps beneficiary

This segment aired on December 23, 2010.


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