Hundreds Pay Tribute To Slain Police Officer

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Hundreds of law enforcement personnel from around the Commonwealth lined up to attend the wake of Woburn police officer John Maguire, who was shot and killed while responding to an armed robbery.

Maguire's alleged killer, Dominic Cinelli, was a career criminal and spent most of his adult life in prison for various violent offenses. He escaped twice. But, reportedly, Cinelli's disciplinary problems abated in his later years, which could explain why the Massachusetts Parole Board saw fit to set him free in 2008.

The law states that any time a criminal on a life sentence comes up for parole, the district attorney that put him behind bars is to be notified. That didn't happen in Cinelli's case, and a spokesman for the Middlesex D.A.'s office said it would have opposed Cinelli's parole if it had been given the chance to weigh in.


This program aired on December 30, 2010.


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