MIT Remembers 150 Years Of The Future

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On the eve of the Civil War, a southern scientist came north to found a new kind of polytechnic school: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It started in the Back Bay, and most people called it "Boston Tech."

"William Barton Rogers was interested in founding a university that would accelerate the industrial revolution in America," said MIT President Susan Hockfield, who spoke with WBUR's On Point.

Now MIT is on the other side of the river, and Hockfield is helping to fulfill Rogers' dream in ways he couldn't possible have imagined.

To mark MIT’s 150th anniversary, the MIT Museum exhibits 150 objects — many of them voted in by the community — that tell the story of world-changing and weird innovation over the years.

The exhibit opens to the general public on Saturday. WBUR's Andrew Phelps got a sneak preview.


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This segment aired on January 7, 2011.


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