Week In Review: Patrick's Second Term, Parole Reform

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Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick delivered his second inaugural address Thursday. (Steven Senne/AP)
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick delivered his second inaugural address Thursday. (Steven Senne/AP)

When you think about all the news this week, you can't help but use alliteration. Today there's Paul Levy. Then there were stories on probation, parole, politics, and Patrick, as in Gov. Deval Patrick and his second term.

First, the Parole Board. Calls rang out for board members to resign, or at least suspend hearings, after the shooting death of a Woburn police officer, allegedly by a repeat violent offender out on parole. Chased by cameras and microphones, the head of the state's Parole Department, Mark Conrad, offered a public apology to the officer's family.

"I just want to lend my heart and my special regards and my sympathy out to the (John) Maguire family," Conrad said.

But heartfelt sympathy just wasn't enough for House minority whip Brad Hill of Ipswich:

"For too long, we have seen this violent criminals on the streets of the commonwealth of Massachusetts continue to commit crime, after crime, after crime," Ipswich said.

One person is heading into prison soon: former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson. She received a 42-month sentence after pleading guilty to corruption charges.

All this in the same week politics kicks off again on Beacon Hill, with the launch of Gov. Patrick's second term.

"We will file legislation in the coming weeks to address health care costs, including significant payment reform and simplification," Patrick announce in his inaugural address. "This will be a challenge. There will be great debate and resistance to change."

Our team of journalists examines this week's political news and looks ahead to the new year.


  • Renee Loth, columnist, The Boston Globe
  • Craig Sandler, president, State House News Service

This segment aired on January 7, 2011.


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