Haitian Artists In Boston Remember ‘When Our Brushes Shook’

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If the tragedy in Arizona were not dominating headlines, you would probably be hearing a lot more about Haiti. Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the earthquake that killed some 230,000 Haitians and left the tiny nation in economic, political and physical shambles.

The capital, Port-au-Prince, was devastated, but so too was a smaller town to the south, called Jacmel — known as the capital of Haitian visual art.

While aid efforts have focused on getting basic services to Haitians, the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts has focused on getting art supplies and materials back in the hands of Jacmel's artists.

A shipment of supplies made it from Boston to Jacmel this summer. Now, a collection of paintings documenting the struggles of post-earthquake Haiti has traveled from Jacmel to Boston.

More than 100 works go on display Monday at Boston City Hall in an exhibit and sale that will travel the state, hoping to raise money for the artists of Jacmel. Radio Boston got a preview of "When Our Brushes Shook."

Exhibit locations and opening days:

  • Boston City Hall, Jan. 10
  • Brockton Public Library, Jan. 20
  • Brockton City Hall, Jan. 24
  • Cambridge Health Alliance, Jan. 24
  • Menino Arts Center, Feb. 14
  • Lesley University, March 1
  • Museum of Afro American Artists, early June

Each show runs three weeks.


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