Protecting Your Home Against New England's Endless Winter

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Black bear tracks in Townsend, Mass. submitted by Joanie McPhee, Radio Boston listener. (Joanie McPhee)
Black bear tracks in Townsend, Mass. submitted by Joanie MacPhee, Radio Boston listener. (Joanie MacPhee)

When your snow boots feel as if they've been fused to your feet, and you're spending more time with your shovel than with your family, you know it's been a long winter. I would tell you to take heart, but I can't since Massachusetts is being hit with two more storms Tuesday and Wednesday. An additional two feet of snow could pile up on our already snow clogged streets.

While most of the attention has been on keeping streets and sidewalks clear, New England homeowners are also facing the challenges of protecting their houses. We'll talk to a professional contractor about how to protect your home.

And though complaining about the weather is an annual rite in New England, the snow also brings its pleasures. We put the call out over Twitter for listeners' favorite things about winter weather. "Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes" hasn't yet been tweeted as a response but we did get these:

@flitzy: I love the look of freshly fallen snow everywhere. How everything is a blanket of snow. It's so peaceful!

@BrLawrenceLC: Snow is a reminder that we are not God.

@JoanieGentian: I love animal,/bird tracks in snow, like insulation value. (Joanie also sent us the lovely picture of black bear tracks in Townsend, MA.)

@SWMama: I love it when my husband works from home! I get to spend time with him & he helps with the babies. Even so, ENOUGH!

Send us your pro-snow tweets with the tag #snowlovely and @RadioBoston.

This segment aired on February 1, 2011.


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