Rock Legend Peter Wolf Still Churning Out Hits

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Peter Wolf in the studios of WERS (facebook)
Peter Wolf in the studios of WERS (facebook)

From "Love Stinks" to "Musta Got Lost" to its #1 single "Centerfold" the J. Geils Band is one of the most successful New England rock bands.

J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf was with the band for all of its hits, but now he's touring as a solo artist. Since the group broke up many years ago, Wolf has had his own solo career, producing music that reflects his passion for rock, R&B, the blues and country. His new album "Midnight Souvenirs" is Wolf's latest effort.

"Midnight Souvenirs" includes some straight-ahead rock and roll, as well as more delicate duets with voices as diverse as Shelby Lynn, Neko Case and Merle Haggard. The album is Wolf's latest love-letter to the musical styles and influences that inspire him.

Throughout his career, Wolf's music continues to evolve and earn high praise. Rolling Stone Magazine voted his last CD — "Sleepless" — among the 500 best rock albums of all time.


This segment aired on March 11, 2011.


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