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Love Letters: Seeking Singledom20:30

This article is more than 9 years old.
(☺ Lee J Haywood/Flickr)
(☺ Lee J Haywood/Flickr)

Today's Love Letter goes a little something this:

Let me start by getting the facts out of the way. We are mid 30s -early 40s, both divorced years ago. We each have children who are mid-late teens. Have known each other for about 5 years, in a serious relationship for a few years. There is talk of moving in together and marriage, but neither of us is in any rush. We don't want any more kids.

I know how lucky I am to have found an amazing, wonderful man. We have a fantastic relationship. Communicate well.

So then why, at times, do I feel that I should just be alone? Let me clarify this. Maybe every six months or so, I wonder if I am just not meant to be in a relationship.

What do you think? Should our letter writer embrace this intermittent desire to be single? Are you single by choice and do you get a lot of flack for it?



This segment aired on July 29, 2011.

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