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ZIP Code 02657: 'Bent'

This article is more than 11 years old.
The dunes outside Provincetown (ptowndave/Flickr)
The dunes outside Provincetown (ptowndave/Flickr)

Despite the interruption by Hurricane Irene, there's still some beach time left.

What is it about those summer spots we hold so dear? The smells of old cottages rented year after year? The never-changing boardwalk shops that sell the same overly sweetened taffy?

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In our ZIP-Code Stories series, we  feature your stories about your neighborhoods — about the places you hold dear. For the latest edition of ZIP-Code Stories, our collaboration with Boston audio literary magazine The Drum, we're headed to the vacation land of Provincetown.

"The places that we miss, they're the places that we're absent from for most of the time," said Henriette Lazaridis Power, ZIP-Code Stories co-creator and editor of The Drum. "A lot of writing has to do with the writer putting his or herself in a place that's absent — trying to connect or re-connect to something that's missing."

Cape Cod is ripe with possibilities and Provincetown, ZIP code 02657, provides the backdrop for Jennifer Haigh's short story "Bent."



This segment aired on August 29, 2011.


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