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Letters: A Lesson Learned On Graffiti 02:12

This article is more than 7 years old.
(Photo courtesy Flickr/Creative Commons)
(Photo courtesy Flickr/Creative Commons)

On Tuesday, we got in the truck with a couple of the guys who's job it is to remove graffiti in Cambridge.

Listener Laura Harrington heard that story, she said it couldn't have been more timely. She wrote in to say:

My fourth grade son's teacher called me that afternoon to inform me that my son had written on the bathroom wall at school. I hadn't yet decided how I was going to begin my conversation with my son when I picked him up. Imagine my surprise when a segment on graffiti removal began! A glance in the rearview mirror revealed my son's surprised expression and we both listened in rapt silence. After the segment finished my son quoted, '$5,000 and 30 days,' referring to the penalty graffiti carries in Cambridge.

We of course launched into a discussion about his actions and consequences, and then he asked how I got you to air that piece just then. I explained it was a poetic coincidence, but he remained unconvinced."

Listeners, if you're in need of any particular cautionary tales or morality plays, we aim to please, just tell us when you'll be listening and our special "scared straight" team will get right to work on that. Ok, maybe not, but your feedback is always welcomed at

This program aired on October 26, 2011.

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