Letters: Happy Hour in Mass.01:48

This article is more than 9 years old.

Earlier this week, we discussed casino legislation that could potentially lift the ban on happy hour in Massachusetts. The idea is to level the playing field between casinos, bars and restaurants. But, the concern is public safety.

This was echoed by some of our listeners, who continued the conversation on our website after the show.

Listener 'Steve' wrote this about Boston and happy hour:

Our city is a wonderful place to be, but pitiful and laughable in terms of providing a safe alternative to drunk driving. Although I wish everyone had the maturity to limit their drinking if they have no other option than to drive home, I know that is unfortunately unrealistic.

Listener 'Jim' commented:

If you go to a restaurant at a casino like Foxwoods, you pay through the nose for drinks. In a casino, that's different: the casino can take advantage of poor people who are willing to risk their money. I find the argument about competition from the restaurant industry to be absurd.

Listener 'Uva MLA' wrote:

Considering our economy and political climate, I think we all deserve at least one hour that's happy!

We’re always happy to hear feedback from listeners so keep those comments coming.


This program aired on October 28, 2011.