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Last Monday we boated down the Charles River after it won an international award proclaiming it among the cleanest and best-managed urban waterways. It's been quite a turnaround for the Charles, as you all noted here.

One comment came from Amy:

"As a member of the BU sailing team from 1978-1982, I sailed on [the Charles] almost every day in the fall and in the spring. [...] If you turned your boat over in a shallow part of the river and got your mast stuck in the mud, when you righted your boat, the nastiest, stinkiest mud ever would fall off your mast into your boat. We were also very careful after a big storm when we could see that the Cambridge sewage treatment plant up river from us was overwhelmed and sewage was going right into the river. Yuck!"

And while no one is dumping raw sewage into the river anymore, the clean-up continues. Janet comments:

"Please include the Charles River Cleanup Boat in your discussion. [...] We remove floating trash in the river between Watertown and the Science Museum. [...] The Cleanup Boat and its volunteers are true unsung heroes!"

And speaking of heroes, before the holiday we went to Jamaica Plain to talk with David Waters, CEO of Community Servings, as he and his staff prepared hundreds of Thanksgiving meals for the homebound.

Listener Madilord left this comment:

"David Waters is a living national treasure. He has quietly managed to make the world a better place for all those who donate, [for] those who receive [meals], and for those who learn the jobs to make it all happen."

Your kudos are always welcome, listeners.

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This segment aired on November 28, 2011.