Local Violinist Marissa Licata On The Rise

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We hear from local violin rising star, Marissa Licata, who has a concert tomorrow night at Scullers Jazz Club.

The group plays as if they've been together for a long time. The musicians know each other's impulses and moods intimately, like family, to the point where it's almost like the alto sax is completing the violin's sentences.

How long has the group been together? Practically her whole life. The saxophonist is Marissa's father, Charles Licata.

While "Water Level" is the first CD they've recorded together, it was Charles who introduced Marissa to music not long after bringing her home from Honduras. When she was three, he put a violin in her hands. By the time she hit high school, it was pretty obvious that Marissa was something special.

Marissa's kept her cool, even as her career has gotten hotter and hotter. The New England Conservatory graduate has commanded the attention of Alicia Keys, members of the Fugees, and the Eurythmics. And as I discovered as we talked, Marissa's the real story here, and Charles seems proud to be outshone by his superstar daughter.


  • Marissa Licata, jazz violinist

Marissa Licata performs at Scullers Jazz Club Jan. 31 at 8 p.m.

This program aired on January 30, 2012.


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