Kevin White, Longtime Boston Mayor, Laid To Rest09:19

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Former Boston Mayor Kevin White outside Faneuil Hall in Boston in 2006. (AP)
Former Boston Mayor Kevin White outside Faneuil Hall in Boston in 2006. (AP)

The funeral procession for former Boston Mayor Kevin White began Wednesday morning at Parkman House in downtown Boston, wound past the statue of White by Faneuil Hall, then past his Beacon Hill home, and ended at St. Cecilia Church in the Back Bay.

Governor Deval Patrick sat in the first pew, next to Senator John Kerry and Mayor Tom Menino, who delivered the first eulogy for his late predecessor.

"So much of what we love about our city began with him. He set a standard many of us are still trying to live up to," Menino said.

Former state treasurer Bob Crane, a longtime close friend of Mayor White, also remembered White at the service. Crane talked about White's competitive streak, saying he actually used to cheat at Trivial Pursuit by studying the cards in advance. Crane talked about White's reputation as "the loner in love with the city" and recalled a story about how White, despite his shyness was able to at least present the appearance of being a schmoozer.

Mayor White's son Mark told a story about how one Christmas morning, White led his children out of their house onto Mount Vernon Street on Beacon Hill in their pajamas and presented them with a horse with a big red bow around its neck.

Outgoing Congressman Barney Frank, who began his career 34-years ago as an aide to Mayor White, also spoke at the ceremony. In his eulogy, Frank pointed out one perhaps mundane way in which White and then state transportation secretary Fred Salvucci helped shape the Boston we know today.

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