Imagining A New Vision For The Charles River Esplanade

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An effort is underway in Boston to redesign, and in many ways reclaim, one of the city's great parks: The Charles River Esplanade.

On Thursday at the Boston Public Library, The Esplanade Association, a local non-profit group, is unveiling a plan to redesign the Esplanade. It's called "Esplanade 2020, A vision for the future."

At the center of this plan is a big idea about what to do with Storrow Drive. Because as many locals know quite well, Storrow Drive sort of dominates the Esplanade — and cuts it off from the rest of city.

It's a big plan, and keep in mind that it's just a proposal, but it's full of interesting ideas, and was two years in the making. I talked about it a little earlier with Boston architect John Shields of the Esplanade Association who described to Radio Boston the BIG vision of the plan.


  • John Shields, architect and president, Shields Design.

This program aired on February 9, 2012.


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