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Over more than four decades as a writer for The Boston Globe, Bob Ryan has covered some of the most memorable, and at times most heartbreaking, moments in Boston sports.

From the heydays of the Boston Celtics back in the 70s and 80s, to Bill Buckner's infamous missed ball in 1986, to the resurgence of the Patriots during the last decade, Ryan has covered it all with his trademark wit and obvious enthusiasm for the job.

In the good days, Ryan once wrote, "I was a sportswriter from Boston. I ruled." But when Boston's teams were struggling:

I travel by bus. I eat at Burger King. I stay at Motel 6. And when I show up at the stadium or arena, I put a nice paper bag over my head. I am better off being the Unknown Scribe. When they ask me where I’m from, I just mumble, “The Northeast.”

Now, after 43 years in the business, Ryan has decided to call it quits. With his time as a regular columnist winding down, Ryan will join Radio Boston to discuss his career in sports journalism.


  • Bob Ryan, columnist, The Boston Globe

This segment aired on February 15, 2012.