For Screenwriters, Getting On 'The Black List' Is Actually Good News07:44

This article is more than 9 years old.

During the anti-communist Red Scare, to be black listed in Hollywood meant you were blackballed. Directors, actors and screenwriters suspected of communist sympathies were shunned by the industry. But these days there's a new black list and it's very different from the old one.

Today, The Black List is an influential website where major movie industry players can read and rate screenplays that have not been produced. If you're a screenwriter, getting your script on The Black List can open doors.

The Black List has a local - and very un-Hollywood - connection in the form of Dino Sijamic, an engineering graduate student at Tufts University.


  • Geoff Edgers, Radio Boston contributor; arts reporter, Boston Globe


This segment aired on February 23, 2012.