Scott Brown Defends Ads Mentioning Kennedy 05:38

This article is more than 9 years old.

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is defending a radio ads that compares his view on the so-called "conscience exemption" with that of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

This comes after Kennedy's son, former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy, issued a public letter to Brown asking him to stop making the comparison, saying Brown's claim were "misleading and untrue."

The ads asserts the late senator would have joined Brown in supporting an amendment that would allow all employers — not just religious ones — to deny medical coverage based on moral objections.

“Like Ted Kennedy before me, I support a conscience exemption in health care for Catholics and other people of faith,” Brown says in the ad.

Last week, Sen. Brown and his main challenger in the 2012 senate race, Democrat Elizabeth Warren, wrote dueling editorials for The Boston Globe after launching radio ads on the issue.

Boston Globe reporter Noah Bierman was at an event with Scott Brown Monday morning and he joins Radio Boston to discuss the issue.



This segment aired on February 27, 2012.