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Education Gaps Seen Exacerbating Joblessness08:02

This article is more than 7 years old.
(AP Photo/Mark Hall)
(AP Photo/Mark Hall)

As tuition skyrockets, the value of a college education may not be as incontrovertible as it once seemed. And then there's another problem, outlined by Governor Deval Patrick in his January State of the State address. As the governor explained:

There are 240,000 people still looking for work in Massachusetts, and nearly 120,000 job openings. Why? Business leaders tell me over and over again it's because the people looking for jobs don't have the skills required.

So how is it possible that Massachusetts — world capital of higher education, where a higher percentage of adults have a bachelor's degree than anywhere else in America — cannot produce enough qualified people to meet our own labor needs?

Journalist Jon Marcus went looking for an answer, and his article appears in this Sunday's Boston Globe magazine. He joined us with a preview.



This segment aired on March 2, 2012.

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