Is Hazing A 'Normal' Part Of College Life?

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Some of you might remember a conversation we had earlier this month about a Dartmouth student who'd gone public about extreme hazing he'd experienced at his fraternity. That drew a surge of listener reaction, from derision ("no one forced him to join a fraternity", wrote one listener on our website), to boredom ("lighten up, old news" wrote one another), to alarm ("this should not be swept under the rug," wrote still another).

Then last week, Boston police sought criminal charges against 14 members of Alpha Epsilon Pi, an unaffiliated, off-campus fraternity where five Boston University students were found beaten, bound with duct-tape, nearly naked and covered with food.

And again, a surge in the media, everything from derision to alarm. Boston University officials say students involved in the alleged hazing incident would likely be removed from the school. But others are saying, "Get over it. It's part of campus culture. No big deal."

Is hazing a normal part of college life on any campus? We take a look at that question.


This segment aired on April 17, 2012.


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