Sebastian Junger On Life After War10:53

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Last year, in a New York Times column, Sebastian Junger proposed a provacative idea: a national memorial for civilians killed in war.

Junger, who grew up in the Boston area, says that memorial for civilians would also help American veterans.

"A monument to the civilian dead of Iraq and Afghanistan would not only provide comfort to these young men but also signal to the world that our nation understands the costs of war," Junger wrote.

Author of "WAR" and director of the war documentary "Restrepo," Junger has made a career writing about people doing dangerous work. Before making "Restrepo," Junger spent a year with a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan.

Junger joined Radio Boston last summer to talk about his film and about his life as a war correspondent.


  • Sebastian Junger, author, "WAR," director, "Restrepo"

This segment aired on May 28, 2012.