Fireworks In New Hampshire: Legal But Still Dangerous

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During the Fourth of July holiday there were several incidents in New Hampshire — where it's legal to sell and use fireworks — during which people lighting fireworks were injured.

"This is a tragedy that most likely could have been prevented had some caution been taken," Pelham Fire Chief James Midgley said Wednesday. "I'm not a fan of fireworks. This is a perfect example of what could go wrong — well-meaning people trying to have fun and an accident happened and caused a great deal of injuries to children and adults."

Radio Boston speaks with Christopher Wyman of the New Hampshire Division of Fire Safety to unpack the laws around which fireworks are permitted, which are prohibited, and how these laws have changed from years before.


  • Christopher Wyman, investigator at the New Hampshire Division of Fire Safety, Office of the Fire Marshal


This segment aired on July 5, 2012.


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