Political Roundtable: The Romney-Ryan Ticket; Scott Brown's Missing Party Identity12:19

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Mitt Romney, left, and his vice presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan (AP)
Mitt Romney, left, and his vice presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan (AP)

Mitt Romney announced on Saturday that Paul Ryan, a conservative congressman from Wisconsin, will be joining the GOP presidential ticket. It's a decision that's energized many Republicans but has also been viewed as a gamble due to Ryan's bold plan to overhaul the economy with both tax cuts and cuts to public programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Among the Democrats to publicly respond to Romney's pick was Elizabeth Warren. Here's what she had to say:

This is about pushing a radical conservative agenda. The Republicans are making it clear that's the direction they want to go.

And new ads from Sen. Scott Brown show that while the party divide in the presidential race appears to be widening, the line in our state Senate race may be getting thinner:

I'm Paul Walsh, former district attorney for Bristol County, and I'm a Democrat. We need a person like Scott Brown that's going to say, "I don't care whose idea it is. I don't care if it's left or right, Democrat or Republican. This is a good idea. It's going to help people that are suffering. It's getting the job done — that's the most important thing to people."


  • Nancy Dwight, Republican analyst and former executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Joan Vennochi, Democratic analyst and columnist for The Boston Globe


This segment aired on August 13, 2012.