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Dean Obeidallah For Vice President08:24

This article is more than 9 years old.

At the the intersection of politics, race and comedy stands Dean Obeidalla, an Arab-American comedian who pokes fun at some of our deepest prejudices and fears. Born to a Palestinian father and an Italian-American mother — but raised in New Jersey — Obeidallah is intimately familiar with the negative portrayals of Muslims in America. His comedy seeks to hold a mirror up to those deep seated stereotypes, and break them apart through laughter:

Even the most open minded people, you've been conditioned by the media to be afraid of people with accents. I can say the same thing with and without a Middle Eastern accent, and it can change the whole meaning. What if I say, "Wait 'til Friday night. We've been planning this for months. People will be talking about this for years!"

This Sunday, the Dean Obeidallah For Vice President comedy tour comes to the Regent Theatre in Arlington.


  • Dean Obeidallah, Arab-American comedian and co-producer/ c0-director of the documentary "The Muslims Are Coming!"

This segment aired on October 5, 2012.