Alleged Mattapan Gunman Maintains Innocence13:21

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Marcus Hurd is the lone survivor of the so-called Mattapan Massacre — the September 2010 murder of four people. He testified Tuesday in the re-trial of the case.

"We walked down the street," Hurd described. "Then as we walked down the street, the guy with the submachine gun demanded me to walk ahead, and get in the bushes."

Hurd was shot in the back of the head, leaving him confined to a wheelchair.

The case first went to court earlier this year. After a week of deliberation, the jury acquitted one defendant and remained deadlocked on the other, Dwayne Moore, who is now facing re-trial.

Prosecutors allege that Moore was the gunman responsible for shooting Hurd. Moore has not yet taken the stand in the re-trail, but he did give an exclusive interview to WBUR's Delores Handy, who spoke with him at the Suffolk County jail and brought us the story.

Plus, how does a legal team decide to put a defendant on the stand? Randy Chapman, a legal analyst and attorney at Chapman and Chapman, joined Radio Boston to explain.


  • Randy Chapman, legal analyst and attorney at Chapman and Chapman


This segment aired on December 3, 2012.