Four New Faces For Gov. Patrick's Cabinet06:39

This article is more than 8 years old.

Going into his final two years in office, Gov. Deval Patrick's cabinet is going to have a new look.

The following four top cabinet secretaries have left their posts and will be replaced by new faces:

  • Administration and Finance Secretary: Jay Gonzalez will be replaced by Glen Shor, head of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, who oversaw the introduction of Gov. Romney's universal health care.
  • Health and Human Services Secretary: JudyAnn Bigby will be replaced by John Polanowicz, president of St Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston.
  • Public Safety Secretary: Mary Elizabeth Heffernan will be replaced by Andrea Cabral, Suffolk County Sheriff, the state's first female sheriff, touted as a possible contender for Mayor of Boston.
  • Education Secretary: Paul Reville will be replaced by Matthew Malone, a protege of Reville's and former Brockton School Committee Superintendant.

The cabinet shake-up comes the Patrick administration grapples with budget cuts, the fallout from both the dug lab and meningitis outbreak scandals and a looming fiscal cliff.



This segment aired on December 13, 2012.