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Should You Get The Shingles Vaccine?10:46

This article is more than 6 years old.
Electron Micrograph of Varicella Virus. (CDC Public Health Image)
Electron Micrograph of Varicella Virus. (CDC Public Health Image)

Every year, at least one million people in the United States develop shingles. It's a burning, blistering rash that generally lasts for several weeks.

Despite how painful shingles can be, studies show that relatively few people get the shingles vaccine. Insurance covers the cost if you're over the age of 60, but for everyone else it can cost up to $200.

Even given that expense, would you be more willing to pay for the vaccine if you knew you were at risk — albeit a small risk — of developing an even worse affliction known as Postherpetic Neuralgia? WBUR's CommonHealth blog co-host Carey Goldberg investigates.


Carey Goldberg, co-host of WBUR's Commonhealth blog

Dr Rafael Harpaz, Epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control

This segment aired on March 12, 2013.

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