Week In Review: Transportation, The Mayor's Race And The Cab Industry

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We discuss the week's top stories, including a new transportation plan challenging Governor Deval Patrick's $1.9 billion proposal, the latest in the Boston mayoral race, and corruption within the city's taxi industry.


Callum Borchers, business reporter for The Boston Globe.

David Bernstein, former political writer for The Boston Phoenix.


WBUR, "'Above all, the middle class of Massachusetts need better jobs and a stronger economy and needs it sooner rather than later,' [Governor] Patrick said. 'My proposal provides that. The leaders’ does not. The leadership’s proposal is a return to an old way of doing business. It’s the same short-term fiscal shell game that got us unto the Big Dig and the mess that followed.'"

WBUR, "Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley has declared his candidacy for mayor of Boston. In a written statement Wednesday, Conley said his entire career has been 'dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the most poor and vulnerable among us.'"

WBUR, "'Winning this race is going to be about the people of the city of Boston,” [Consalvo] said. 'Winning this race is going to be about whoever works the hardest. Winning this race is going to be about whoever goes out, knocks on the most doors, and goes to the most events.'"

The Boston Globe, "Not just drivers are exploited by Boston’s cab trade. Passengers hurt in accidents often run into denial and evasion by poorly insured firms. "

The Boston Globe, "Menino made it clear Monday that the Boston Police Department’s oversight of the taxi industry will be a central focus of the upcoming review and that among its recommendations could be a call to get the police force out of the taxi regulation business entirely."

This segment aired on April 5, 2013.


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