Germs And Spacesuits: Touring The BU Biolab

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Dr. Ron Corley,  Associate Director of the BU Biolab, stand inside the Spacesuit room.
Dr. Ron Corley, associate director of the B.U. Biolab, stands inside the suit room. (Darrien Garay/WBUR)

Anthrax, ebola, SARS. These are just some of the notorious diseases that may be coming to Boston’s South End. Boston University won state approval for the National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratory, commonly known as the BU Biolab, in March, despite opposition from some community leaders. Radio Boston intern Darrien Garay toured the building and Level 4 labs where work has yet to begin.

This Thursday, April 11, BU and the National Institute of Health will be challenged in the John Joseph Moakley Courthouse by community activists and their lawyers.


Klare Allen, a longtime Roxbury resident and founder of Roxbury Safety Net — a community organization focused on safe development and opponent of the BU Biolab

Laura Maslow-Armand, a staff attorney for the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice-- who is representing the community opposition in the court case


Check out this video about the BU biolab:

This segment aired on April 9, 2013.


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