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The Chameleon Arts Ensemble Takes On The 20th Century10:31

This article is more than 7 years old.
The Chameleons. (Photo by Susan Wilson)
The Chameleons. (Photo by Susan Wilson)

The magic in music — whether it be transforming notes from devilish to delightful, or the sheer, dream-like quality of early 20th century compositions — that magic is at the heart of the Chameleon Arts Ensemble's 15th Anniversary Season Finale, titled "Mystic Moons and Dream Music."

The concert itself is the product of a dream. Artistic director Deborah Boldin once had an epiphany, scrawled it on a piece of paper, and taped it to the wall.   She tells us how she took three seemingly disparate works and composers and wove them into a textured presentation of beauty and complexity within early 20th century music.


Deborah Boldin, Artistic Director, Chameleon Arts Ensemble


"Mystic Moons and Dream Music" in concert on May 18th and 19th at First Church in Boston

This segment aired on May 15, 2013.

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