Alastair Moock Shares 'Songs For The World's Bravest Kids'

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Back in the 1990s, Alastair Moock established himself in Boston's folk scene, but for a while now, he's been dedicating himself to "family music" — music that reaches kids, but doesn't talk down to them. For Moock and his wife, Jane, this music is very personal. They have 6-year-old twin daughters, Clio and Elsa. One year ago, Clio was diagnosed with leukemia.

To help Clio, Moock picked up his guitar and started singing to her, and with her — about the cancer, about losing her hair, and about being brave. This effort became his newest album, "Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World's Bravest Kids."

Alastair Moock will be performing on the Boston Common on Monday, July 15, and Thursday, July 18, as part of the Outside the Box festival


Alastair Moock, singer-songwriter

This segment aired on July 11, 2013.


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