Mary Louise Kelly: Anonymous Sources

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Mary Louise Kelly (Katarina Price)
Mary Louise Kelly (Katarina Price)

The setting is Cambridge. Harvard University, to be precise. The crime: murder. The protagonist: one very smart reporter named Alexandra James, who gets pulled into a web of international intrigue that takes her from Cambridge to London to Pakistan.

These are the elements of a new spy thriller from Mary Louise Kelly, who spent 20 years as a producer, reporter and host for NPR and the BBC. Most recently, she was NPR's intelligence correspondent.


Mary Louise Kelly, her new novel is called "Anonymous Sources." You can read an excerpt here.


Daily Beast: "I suspect that for every woman who’s ever tried to balance work and family, there comes a day when you hit the wall. I don’t mean your run-of-the-mill bad day, when the baby barfs down the back of your suit as you’re racing out the door. I’m not even talking about the stress-hive-inducing, babysitter-calls-in-sick-on-morning-of-crucial-client-presentation kind of day."

This segment aired on July 17, 2013.


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