ARTery: Busking in Boston

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When you think about the sounds of the city, a Chopin nocturne probably doesn't spring to mind. Edward Rosser is a full-time classical pianist and teacher, but you can often find him playing his upright piano on the streets of Harvard Square.

Rosser is the starting point of this week's ARTery segment, when we talk to artists, performers and critics about what's exciting them. Amelia Mason, a musician and writer in Cambridge, recently profiled some of the buskers she regularly encounters on WBUR's arts blog, The ARTery. We explored the topic further with her — from the differences between stage and street performing, to the many challenges of the medium.


Amelia Mason, writer and musician based in Cambridge.


The ARTery, "You see them on your daily commute, your Sunday stroll in the park. They work in the subways, on the streets, and in the Public Garden. Maybe you stop to listen; maybe you drop some change in the bucket. Now that it’s summer, many have emerged from the tunnels to ply their trade in the sunshine."

This segment aired on July 25, 2013.


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