How To Reach A Boston Voter

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Political ads are all about defining.... explaining... advocating for a candidate.

There are lots of ways to get there: Boast about your accomplishments. Focus on the issue you're most passionate about. Demonize your opponent.

Not all of the candidate running for mayor have released traditional 30 second television ads, but they're learning the lessons from the ad men nonetheless. If you've only caught a few mayoral ads this year, don't worry. Watch for the candidates to deluge voters in the next two weeks before the preliminary vote on September 24th.


John Carroll, communications professor at Boston University, author of the blogs and


Here are some of the videos/ads from mayoral candidates.

Mike Ross

Rob Consalvo

Charlotte Golar Richie

John Barros

Dan Conley

John Connolly

Marty Walsh

Felix Arroyo

This segment aired on September 10, 2013.


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