Sex After Seventy

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When you hear the phrase "sex in the seventies," you might think we're referring to the 1970s, that very freewheeling decade of sexual liberation.

But today, we're talking about sex in reference to people in their seventies — and in their eighties for that matter. The stereotype is that sex is long since over once you hit Medicare age, or even much earlier. But in a new book, titled "Sex After..." author Iris Krasnow includes interviews with several women who sound like they're having the best sex of their lives in their seventies.


Dr. Aline Zoldbrod, a sex and couples therapist and author of the book, "Sexsmart: How Your Childhood Shaped Your Sexual Life and What to Do About It." She wrote a very popular post for WBUR's CommonHealth blog, "Some 70-Something Women Having 'Best Sex Ever'? Really? (Yes.)"

This segment aired on February 21, 2014.


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