The Significance Of The 2014 Boston Marathon

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Runners coming over the Mass Pike overpass at mile 25. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)
Runners coming over the Mass Pike overpass at mile 25. (Jesse Costa/WBUR)

The tents and grandstand at the finish line have come down. Runners are nursing sore muscles. And the entire region continues to breathe a sigh of celebratory relief at Monday's successful running of the 118th Boston Marathon.

We want to take a moment to look ahead to the future of the Boston Marathon and the effect that this year's race may have on the sport of running as a whole.


Cameron Stracher, author of “Kings of the Road: How Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers And Alberto Salazar Made Running Go Boom.”

Shira Springer reporter for the sports section of the Boston Globe. She completed her 14th marathon on Monday, finishing the Boston Marathon in 3:27:52. She tweets at @ShiraSpringer.

Tony Buti, Australian Labor Party member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly representing the seat of Armadale. He ran the Boston Marathon Monday. He tweets at @TonyButi_MLA.


Cognoscenti: Remember When The Marathon Was Just A Race?

  • "I miss the Boston Marathon. I miss riding my bike to the finish line to join a friendly, manageable crowd, three or four people deep, cheering the runners across. Of course, those days have long been gone. Like other formerly low-key, local celebrations, the marathon became a major media event, drawing enormous crowds, the usual hyperbole, and then, the deadly attention of terrorists."

The Boston Globe: Generous Spirit Of Boston Shines Through

  • "Now the marathon is no longer a race. It’s an icon — an object of worship. ... We’ve fetishized the marathon."

Radio Boston: The History Of Marathons And Terror

  • "It's a tragic reminder that running is now such a popular sport and the Boston Marathon occupies such a central place in our culture that somebody intent on doing harm would think about doing it at the Boston Marathon."

This segment aired on April 22, 2014.


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