Love Letters: How Much Marital Fighting Is Normal?

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New research says conflict levels don’t change very much over the course of a marriage. (hughhillphotography/Flickr)
New research says conflict levels don’t change very much over the course of a marriage. (hughhillphotography/Flickr)

Here's a question for many of us to think about: how much fighting is normal in a marriage?

It's a question that's bound to provoke some deep thinking among couples. Maybe even some disagreement.

Maybe even a fight.

In any event, it's the focus of our Love Letter segment — an occasional series about love and relationships.


Meredith Goldstein, advice columnist and entertainment reporter for The Boston Globe. She's author of "The Singles" and she tweets at @MeredithGoldste.

Paula Szuchman, co-author of "It's Not You, It's The Dishes: How to Minimize Conflict and Maximize Happiness in Your Relationship." She's digital director at WNYC and she tweets at @PaulaSzuchman.


The Boston Globe: How Much Fighting Is Normal In A Marriage?

  • "I've been married for a little over five years and I'm starting to question whether the problems my husband and I have are "normal" relationship struggles or something more."

WBUR: Think Work Is Stressful? For Many, It's More Relaxing Than Home

  • "Many Americans say their jobs are stressful — we complain of too much to do in too little time, demanding bosses or difficult colleagues. But researcher Sarah Damaske wanted to know, objectively, is being at work any harder than being at home?"

The Telegraph: Nagging Could Cost The Lives Of Hundreds Of Men

  • "For most men a nagging wife can be little more than an irritation, but the arguments and worries that stem from a demanding partner may actually be a health hazard."

This segment aired on May 23, 2014.


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