College Alumni Push Back On Campus Sexual Assault Policies

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Male students at Ramapo College walk in women's shoes for a march against violence against women in 2008.  (Mike Derer/AP)
Male students at Ramapo College walk in women's shoes for a march against violence against women in 2008. (Mike Derer/AP)

Pressure is mounting on colleges nationwide to reexamine their policies on sexual assault. Last month, the U.S. Department of Education released a list of 55 colleges, including six in Massachusetts, that are facing federal investigations into sex assault and sexual harassment complaints.

Now a network of alumni from schools across the country is calling on colleges and universities to strengthen their efforts to prevent and address sex assault allegations. And some graduates are withholding donations until they see action.


Lisa Paige, Harvard alumna and one of the founders of the group of alumni across the country looking at campus sexual assaults.


WBUR: 6 Mass. Schools Facing Federal Sex Assault Investigations

  • "Six Massachusetts schools are among 55 colleges nationwide facing federal investigations over their handling of sexual abuse complaints under Title IX."

WBUR: Campus Rape Reports Are Up, And Assaults Aren't The Only Reason

  • "The number of 'forcible rapes' that get reported at four-year colleges increased 49 percent between 2008 and 2012."

WBUR: When College Sexual Assault Panels Fall Short, And When They Help

  • "Colleges find themselves increasingly pressed to act as pseudo-courts. Schools have been under fire for discounting complaints, mismanaging cases and meting out punishments that look more like slaps on the wrist. By all accounts, there's plenty of room for improvement."

WBUR: Campus Sexual Assaults Are Targeted In New White House Report

  • "The White House is releasing new guidelines to help victims of that violence and improve the way schools handle such cases. Campus sexual assaults are notoriously underreported, and schools' disciplinary processes vary widely."

On Point: College Sexual Assault And A White House Response

  • "Now the White House is weighing in with an action plan for colleges to expose and combat sexual assault. They’ve got movie stars and big athletes speaking out against it. They’ve got step-by-step recommendations for colleges to tackle it. Will it work?"

This segment aired on June 12, 2014.


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