Performance Poet Regie Gibson Tells Young Men Contemplating Suicide, 'This Ain't Your Exit Yet'

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Regie Gibson's TEDxBoston talk was not a "talk" at all, but a poem. It was titled, "Cry Havoc, To Thine Own Self Be Hip: A Response to Hamlet's Existential Question for Men Who Have Considered Suicide."

"So, now is the winter of your discontent," said Gibson. "When both cheeks sting in existential lament, and what you really need now is a brotherly back pat, and all this world keeps giving is hard slaps. Yes, the milk of human kindness seems curdled and funky, and your throat is so close to the noose, and nobody seems to love you but your mama, and well, she might be lying to you too. I can dig it."


Regie Gibson, poet, teacher and a former National Poetry Slam champion.

This segment aired on October 2, 2014.


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