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Boston Says Goodbye To Its Longest-Serving Mayor

This article is more than 8 years old.

Boston's longest serving mayor, Tom Menino, was laid to rest Monday.

He was remembered for his commitment to the city — and his personal touch — during a funeral service at Most Precious Blood Church in Hyde Park, where he had served as an altar boy.

"Mayor Menino had a big heart, big enough to care for all of us," said Menino's successor, Mayor Marty Walsh. "He didn't believe in old Boston or new Boston; he believed in one Boston, the one he devoted his life to. That was the precious gift he left us: his limitless, un-denying belief of the city he loved."

Gov. Deval Patrick noted that Menino cared deeply for people, and Patrick said Menino helped him when he was a political neophyte planning to run for governor.

"Tom Menino, thank you for being my friend," said the governor. "For making time for the meek as well as the mighty. For coaching this newcomer as you have many others. And for the exceptional example of honorable public service not just as the job you did, but the man you were."


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WBUR: Watch Live: A Final Farewell To Mayor Menino

  • "Menino’s casket was moved outside to the sound of bagpipes. Before being placed in the hearse, a version of Frank Sinatra’s 'My Way' was performed on the sidewalk in front of the church."

WBUR: Audio Montage: Menino In His Own Words

  • "The late former Boston Mayor Thomas Menino was the first to admit that he was not a fancy talker. His diction and his local accent led to a lot of jokes, but he could be an effective public speaker."

This segment aired on November 3, 2014.

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