Newly Elected Attorney General Maura Healey

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Maura Healey overwhelmingly won the attorney general's race -- 62 percent to 38 percent — on November 4. But the work is not over. As she prepares to become the state's top lawyer, she will have to focus on a host of issues, including controlling health costs and enforcing the state's casino law.


Maura Healey, incoming Massachusetts attorney general. She tweets @maura_healey.


WBUR: Dem. Maura Healey Elected Mass. AG And Will Be First Openly Gay State AG In U.S.

  • "During the race, Healey stressed her experience as the chief of the civil rights division in the attorney general's office, running on an anti-casino platform and saying she'll use the office to act as the 'people's lawyer,' citing her argument in 2009 against the Defense of Marriage Act in federal court as an example."

Commonhealth: Democratic AG Candidates Question Whether Partners Deal Will Cut Costs

  • "[W]e all know we’ve done a great job here as a state in terms of increasing accessibility to care, increasing quality of care, but costs are key. And as AG, you need to do everything you can to put a downward pressure on costs, and so I have some skepticism about the proposed agreement."

Commonhealth: Judge Appears Skeptical About Partners HealthCare Deal

  • "Judge Janet Sanders made clear she will not say yes, no, or come back with a revised deal until she understands the details and possible consequences. Sanders wants to determine if consumers and the state would benefit from Partners’ proposed expansion."

This segment aired on November 13, 2014.


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