Worcester Polytech Inaugurates Its First Female President

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute has inaugurated its first-ever female president.

Laurie Leshin is a space scientist who's had multiple jobs in academia and also did a six-year stint at NASA, where she worked at Goddard Space Flight Center. That's where a huge team of scientists and engineers studies the Earth, the Sun, our solar system and the universe.

Leshin, who was inaugurated at last weekend, is now in charge of one of the country's first engineering and technology universities.

She spoke with WBUR's Sacha Pfeiffer and described herself as a proud "space nerd."


Laurie Leshin, president of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She tweets @LaurieofMars.


The Boston Globe: Space Scientist Scores Another First As WPI’s New Chief

  • "Laurie Leshin has helped send robots to Mars, overseen NASA’s largest science center, commanded research on human space exploration, and even has a piece of the solar system named after her."

This segment aired on November 14, 2014.

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